—Maker Mondays in Seattle


Lane Walkup

Lane Walkup is a metal artist living in Portland Oregon who creates playful wire sculptures for your space and your body.

IG: earthtolane

4345 University Way N.E., Seattle, WA 98105

(206) 547-0399

Thank you for coming out!

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Q + A with Lane Walkup

Q: Describe your style in 3 words.

A: Easy, DIY, modern 

Q: How did you get into welding/metal work? 

A: My dad has always done metal work and I asked him to teach me one day, I haven't stopped since!

Q: Tell us about your creative process? 

A: I jot down or sketch anything I like that pops into my mind. I really enjoy flipping through my journals and piecing together ideas from them.  

Q: What about the PNW inspires you?

A: Being able to drive just a little ways outside of the city in any direction and see every landscape I could want. And the sunsets. 

Q: Style icon?

A: Grace Jones, M.I.A.

Q: Favorite Artist? 

A: Calder, Flavin, Cy Twombly 

Q: Song On Repeat?

A: The New Stone Age- Ochestral Manoeuvers in The Dark, D'Angelo- Really Love, Rihanna- Needed Me, Gary Numan- M.e.

Q: Call or Text?

A: Txt

Q: First memories of American Apparel?

A: Feels like SO long ago, all my cool friends worked there and I loved all the mirrors and neons they had arranged around the store. 

Q: Favorite new AA item?

A: The cute matching separates.

Q: American Apparel item you wish they’d bring out of retirement?

A: Maybe the crazy socks? I loved those sheer socks with patterns all over them. 

Q: New talent to look out for?

A: My sister Caroline Walkup, she's starting to kill it designing awesome spaces!

Q: Your key to success? 

A: Being antsy when I'm not busy, it's a blessing and a curse. I am constantly making up new projects, photos or videos even if they're just for fun!

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