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Jennie Lennick

Jennie Lennick is a San Francisco based artist, seamstress, and teacher by way of Minnesota. Since moving to the Bay Area she became obsessed with the delicious fresh foods and food culture of Northern California.

In 2015, Jennie founded Jenny Lemons, a collection of block printed and hand painted women’s clothing which features repetitive food motifs. All of her cheerful products are block printed, hand painted and sewn in her San Francisco-based studio.

When she isn’t in the studio, Jennie teaches sewing, embroidery, and fiber art classes all over the Bay Area.

IG: jennylemons

2301 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley, CA 94704

(510) 704-1838

Thank you for coming out!

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Photos by Julio Marcial.



Q + A with Jennie Lennick

Q: Describe your style in 3 words.

A: Fun, comfortable, handmade

Q: How did you get into block printing? 

A: I studied printmaking in college. Block printing stuck with me because you don't need any special equipment, like a printing press. It's easy to do at home. 

Q: Tell us about your creative process? 

A: Drawing is really important to me. When my drawings don't turn out, I love to cut them up and reassemble them into collages. It helps me rethink compositions and color combinations. 

Q: What about the Bay Area inspires you?

A: Fresh food! I'm originally from the Midwest and feel so lucky to have access to the most beautiful and delicious produce. I draw inspiration from farmers markets and the slow food movement. 

Q: Favorite Artist? 

A: Waybe Thiebaud

Q: Song On Repeat?

A: Wild Heart by Stevie Nicks

Q: Call or Text?

A: Text me please!

Q: First memories of American Apparel?

A: I remember saving all my money so I could buy a sweater from American Apparel when I was in college 10 years ago. A shop opened up 20 minutes from my mom's house in Minneapolis and I was so excited. 

Q: Favorite new AA item?

A: The new high waist jean. 

Q: American Apparel item you wish they’d bring out of retirement?

A: The Denim Cross-back Jumpsuit! It's so good. 

Q: New talent to look out for?

A: There are so many awesome indie designers in California, some of my very favorites are Serpent and Bow, Maker and Mineral, Ilano Designs, Julia Carnwright, Woll Jewelry, Bryr Clogs, and People I've Loved. Check out fairs like Renegade Craft Fair and West Coast Craft to see their work. 

Q: Your key to success? 

A: Never give up!

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